DollClans - Phython 

^-^;; I realised I have not done any introduction for this boy yet...


Here's Phython from DollClans :D
Currently named using the official name :/ Because my brain hasn't been functioning properly (what?) that I have yet to come out with a name for him-___-
Not just him,the other boys too....

He's one with special meaning to me ^0^

A gift for my birthday this year from aunt :)

That makes him perfect +_+

Well, I thought this boy actually has the potential to cosplay a game character I know of :/
So once again,that's the plan!

Note , PLAN, ONLY.

It doesn't mean that it would work !

And something makes him even more unique is..........I actually went to do a fanart 0_0

Ok ,it's more like a fanart of the original game character ,mixed with what I imagined him....

And the fan art was stopped halfway because I started to lost my direction-_-

Incomplete piece, but it still feels great to paint after a year!
I haven't been painting anything ever since my wacom crashed more than a year back....

And now I totally forgot how to actually paint properly(facepalm)

Nvm,that's for me to explore later,when I have the mood :3

Phython first reached home in early December 2013,which I only remember that was during my exams and I immediately sent him out for faceup a day later= =+

...Trying to get him home before the new year arrives,yeap in few days time.

And he managed to!
He came home about 2weeks ago :3

So here's the first picture when I got him dressed up.
 photo IMG_5271r_zpse3850c1e.jpg

I felt that there's something wrong with him :/ Either the colour of the hair or the eyes ....
and finally got myself some free time to change his eyes few days back =_=+

 photo IMG_5301r_zpsff22c9f9.jpg

I'm still cracking on his character right now,trying to give him a decent(?) name and settings.

So everything shall remain in secret until I'm done with that= =+

Oh right,
here's the comparison picture of the painting and him XD

Call him the poisoned man,k.
I know that's a major fail

 photo Untitled-4_zps3434166a.jpg

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